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Tapco Slate

Tapco Slate is the perfect modern alternative to natural slate. Made from a recyclable blend of dolomite limestone and polypropylene, the slates look virtually identical to their natural counterparts - find out more

Sandwich Panels

High insulation value, long span, low weight and easy to install, our composite panels are designed to last a lifetime - find out more



Coverlife is an extraordinary sheeting and cladding material with an absolutely superb resistance to corrosion and chemical degradation, available in profiles for industrial and commercial/residential applications. find out more


Ardesia Slate

Ardesia eco slates are lightweight and easy to handle, and once installed, offer an attractive and vandal resistent roof - find out more


Tile effect metal roof sheets ridge to eaves with 1.1mm cover width are manufactured upto 8.4 metres in length, which allows for fast and easy installation. The product provides a lightweight and economical solution to refurbishment and flat to pitch conversion - find out more

Small Planet Tiles

Made using recycled nappies, thay are not only eco friendly, but are hard wearing. And at the end of their life, the roofing too is bio-degradeable. The roofing is designed for many kinds of applications, and has a lifespan of 25-40 years- find out more

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